Phyllis Frase

Ms. Phyllis Frase

Ms. Phyllis Frase joined Petty, Michel and Associates in the Fall of 2007.

Some of you know her from her work with the Parker Seminars where she has been a team teacher since 1998.   Maybe you or your staff have heard her at a state convention in Georgia, Maine, Tennessee, South Dakota, Kentucky, or Wisconsin, where she frequently lectures and provides staff training.  Ms. Frase has also worked with the Family Practice, a national chiropractic seminar company.

Phyllis has her BA in Business Administration from North Georgia University and has been working in and for the chiropractic profession since 1991. Originally from Atlanta, she now lives in northern Wisconsin and has two beautiful daughters, Katie and Erin.

We are excited about the skills, experience, and motivation she brings to our company and to the offices with which she works.  Combining her familiarity with patients and staff as an office manager with her skills and experience in lecturing and coaching offices throughout the country, Phyllis is uniquely qualified to help any office that wants to grow. Dynamic and intelligent, she is a true advocate for chiropractic and a loyal and hard worker for its doctors and staff.  Like any good consultant, she also calls it likes she sees it.

We encourage you to give her a call, or email her if you are interested in improving your practice.  For an easy and fast response, her contact information is below.  She would be happy to discuss your practice situation with you and offer some tips with no obligation or charge.

In addition to our yearlong programs, Phyllis will also be available for special staff training sessions in your office. These will be scheduled for half day or full day visits.

Sample In-Office Staff Training Topics:

Mastering the Chiropractic Marketing Magnet
How you market your office today differs from the way you marketed chiropractic in the past. Before you can market your chiropractic office, your staff must first understand the psychology of marketing. This refreshing approach to marketing will help teams communicate chiropractic in a way that speaks the chiropractic truth without the hard sales and high pressure techniques. These ideas are fun, low cost, and will attract the patients that pay, stay, and refer to your practice.

The New Patient Experience
Enrolling new patients into your chiropractic philosophy and procedures is critical for the continued success of your office. Ms. Frase will cover specific procedures for C.A.’s, giving them the “hows” of helping new patients understand the big picture of chiropractic. This presentation will build confidence and procedures in the areas of scheduling, collections, patient education, communication, and most importantly, the art of retention and referral opportunities that builds and drives a successful practice.


Email Phyllis:

Call Phyllis:   (715) 614-2052 (mobile)


 Our Clients Speak

“We would not be where we are without Phyllis”

We chose Phyllis because we have been to seminars that she has done and we have always found her to be such a wealth of chiropractic and staffing knowledge. It helps that she has been in the same position that all of our staff have been in, as this helps them relate to her better. Also we love that Phyllis comes out to visit our practice.

The greatest benefits or changes we’ve see in our practice since hiring Phyllis is better organization of office, better communication between staff and chiropractors, better systems and procedures in place.  I could go on but trying to keep this short.

It is plain and simple… We would not be where we are without Phyllis.


“Phyllis, wanted to let you know I thought you completely nailed it today!”

Phyllis, wanted to let you know I thought you completely nailed it today. You have such an amazing way or gift of being able to say exactly what needs to be said.  I think the meeting went well, exposing many things just like you did in McFarland. I haven’t talked with my folks but when I do, I’ll let you know.  I’m excited about how it all went down today.  I hope your morning went well there as you get to know everyone.  I liked your solutions.  Thanks for doing our board-looks great!  …

Again, thank you for all your inspiration and problem-solving!

I would highly recommend Phyllis to any seasoned or new manager/office staff/doctor looking to grow their practice responsibly.”

I have been the office manager of my husband’s chiropractic practice of 25 years for the last 6 years.  I initially began intensively working with Phyllis to completely update, change and implement a system of policies and procedures and marketing plans for our unique busy practice.  As a result, our practice grew and became more profitable and efficient than ever before and our collections have continued to be strong since.  Last year with Phyllis’s help and direction, we successfully increased our financial cash plan rates for the first time in 4 years and converted many Medicare patients onto Wellness cash plans.  40% of our collections come from our Wellness Cash Patients and that number is growing daily.  All this has been possible due to the education and strategies Phyllis has taught me.  She has given me the skills to educate my patients about the benefits of chiropractic care, skills to help my staff to become better and more efficient at their jobs, skills to convert my patients to Wellness Cash Patients all the while working with me to continue to improve my marketing programs within the practice.  I would highly recommend Phyllis to any seasoned or new manager/office staff/doctor looking to grow their practice responsibly. Your return on investment will be made within the first year and only continue from there!  

Lori Byrnes
South Shore Family Chiropractic

“…our practice has experienced exponential growth(500%)”

Phyllis Frase has been our consultant for over seven years. During that period our practice has experienced exponential growth (500%!).

Phyllis met us at our level, adapted systems that fit our practice style and personalities, and always served above and beyond expectations.

If you are considering coaching, you could not do better than Phyllis and her PM&A team.
James J. Peck, D.C.
Andover, MA