How We Work

We empower you to be a better marketer, a better leader, and give you and your team the tools and training to build your clinic so that it runs itself more profitably.

We are the hands-on consultants. Since 1988 we’ve been working with chiropractors to become better marketers, leaders, and business owners. For more than two decades, we have helped doctors realize more income, improve their services, and create better customized systems enabling the office to nearly run itself. (You can watch what a few of them say over on the right side of this site.)

There are key principles that guide all our efforts and distinguish us from other companies.

Objective results – If you use the ideas on this site and in our products and services you will see real outcomes you can measure. You can expect to see the following. You will find that it is “evidence based” management (even though we also work with the “vital” dynamics inherent in each practice.

  • Your marketing will improve and you will get more new patients and returning patients. There are no quick fixes, but there are tried and true methods that can increase your new patients as well and returning patients. There are also many new approaches, but old or new, you can get them here.petty michel and associates multi-clinic client
  • Your office volume will increase. With more new patients and returning patients, improved quality of service and retention procedures go into place to create lifetime customers. All of these forces combine to balloon your practice volume.
  • You will make more money. While this is not your only goal, there are few things worse than not having enough money to pay your bills, pay off loans, pay for kid’s education, take a vacation now and then, let alone save for retirement. But improved financial solvency and business profit is the goal of any business, and an essential element to support a healthy practice.
  • Improved practice systematization and office organization. With our continuous improvement process called the Practice Development Process, your practice will gradually grow and production will not only increase, but become more consistent. Staff performance will improve and stresses will decrease.
  • Better management and leadership skills. Your primary role is that of doctor. However, you also have to be a better at business, including marketing, managing, and leadership. Your proficiency in these skills will improve, allowing all your clinic operations to run more smoothly and profitable.
  • MORE TIME TO WORK ON AND PURSUE YOUR GREATER GOALS. You have greater purposes. These include the welfare of your family, your church, community, your profession, and your personal development. Apply the information on this site and utilize its products and services, as needed, and you will be able to achieve those goals beyond business.

While we can promise you will receive these benefits, you will have to take action! You will have to make a shift in your understanding, and activities, in the management and marketing of your practice.

The Shift –  to the New Paradigm.

OLD The primary form of practice management support has always been through seminars.  If the office was down or bills were harder to pay, the doctor would go to a seminar and hopefully come back with more motivation and maybe a new promotion to try.  It might be a patient letter or an ad, or even new equipment. Most likely, after the first couple of days, or at most a month, everything was pretty much back to how it was before the seminar.  Even with the new equipment, everything remained pretty much the same.

NEW The new approach to practice management encompasses both short term solutions as well as long term corrections. Practices, like patients, need personalized adjusting. Lectures, pamphlets, and videos are all helpful, but a patient needs an active coach who is operating from a personalized diagnosis along a customized treatment plan. So does a practice.

The new approach uses detailed practice analytics, a personalized practice development program, and a regular improvement process.  The new model is both profitable, but in the long term, sustainable. It helps the doctor achieve not only financial freedom, but practice freedom as well. Even more, it encourages and allows the doctor to pursue her own personal and family goals.

Based on Experience – The information included in this site and our various products and services is all based on direct experience since 1988 of what works consistently.  If it works and fits into our new paradigm, we use it and teach it.

Practice Marketing – Marketing is a key element in our new paradigm as it helps to guarantee abundance. But our approach is different and one that is overlooked by most offices. The problem with most marketing is not a lack of a new marketing tools, but no real training in the management of marketing. Lack of new patients is usually just a symptom of more basic marketing problems.

We coach the doctor and staff on a system of marketing which works in any type of practice. With education and follow up supervision and help, we work with the staff and doctor to implement the Marketing Manager System(sm) that increases new patients.  This is usually key to achieving your first major goal = solvency and profit.

Practice Management – Running a practice is a lot more complicated and demanding than it once was.  The solution is to isolate what works for you, and what doesn’t, and get these implemented as systematic procedures by your staff. We use a technique called the 3 Goals Practice Development Process that helps you to gradually reach your capacity as a doctor from which you can profitably run your office on a part time basis. This is the second goal: a sustainable service business running at capacity.

The name of the our new practice paradigm is called 3 Goals Management.

  • Goal 1 – Survive. This is usually achieved through creating an abundance of new patients. Goal One is profit, without which, there is no business.
  • Goal 2 – Build a Business. Beyond a practice, we help you build a systematized organization that is nearly self sustaining and operates at close to its capacity with maximum profit.
  • Goal 3 – Your Greater Purposes. No one works for just money, or even creating a business. We all have what we call, “Give-Back Goals.”  These are contributions you want to make to your family, your church, profession, community, to the poor, to our country, and to yourself.

To help you achieve these goals, we provide many valuable products and services, a number of which are free. Our web site and blog has many tools, articles, and tips which can help you achieve your goals. When you sign up for our More Patients electronic newsletter, you will also receive regular practice ideas and strategies that can help develop your business. You will also receive a free 28 page Marketing Manual, and obtain access to even more of our archived practice building tools.

We have the very popular Marketing Manager System computer program, a unique and practical computer program that helps train your staff and fuel your office.

We have other practice building products as well, such as the Patient Financial Consultation Toolkit.

But our practice development consulting and coaching programs has always been the core of our business. The key to these programs is our coaches – David Michel, Ed Petty, and Phyllis Frase. When you sign up for any of our 3 Goals programs, you also sign us up as your personal coach and part time office manager and marketing coordinator. We are on your team. Through regular on site visits, and our expert use of the 3 Goals Practice Development Process, we work with you and your team to implement key procedures that take your business to the next level.  These programs are supplemented with seminars, teleseminars and support materials.

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