Lisa J. Barnett

Ms. Lisa Barnett

We are delighted to announce Lisa J. Barnett has recently joined Petty, Michel and Associates as a services consultant. Prior to joining us, Lisa worked for a large chiropractic group, gaining experience in managing credentialing and licensing requirements, external marketing, continuing education, and keeping abreast of NCQA, Medicare, and documentation requirements.

As a result of seeing the effects of subluxation on her loved ones, Lisa is on a global mission to help doctors and staff change lives through chiropractic care and hands-on practice management.

Along with her experiences, Lisa holds certifications in the following: Associate in Customer Service; Chiropractic Technician; and Green Belt Six Sigma Quality Assurance. She also carries a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture from UW-Madison, which led her to complete over 500 hours in chiropractic nutrition. She enjoys reading excerpts from her chiropractic hero, DD Palmer, and living a sustainable lifestyle by eating paleo-friendly foods, getting chiropractic adjustments, and using high-grade essential botanical oils and botanical teas.

With over 25 years in chiropractic advocacy and with intrinsic value and integrity at her core, she comes on board ready to apply her credentials and experience with relentless follow up, to help you achieve and sustain a successful practice.

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Free phone consultation and complimentary Medicare record review with Lisa Barnett.

 Our Clients Speak

“You were there when you were needed and helped immensely”

“125 dates of service notes and associated claim forms were red flagged and audited by insurance. Result of Lisa’s services:  Kept payment on all, and no recoups!  Thank you for your extremely important assistance in my practice.  You were there when you were needed and helped immensely.”

D.C. in Central Wisconsin

“I give PM&A two thumbs up and recommend them for your practice needs.”

My name is Dr. Jerry Tyjeski and I am the owner of Tyjeski Family Chiropractic in Beaver Dam and Watertown, Wisconsin.

I am writing you to recommend Petty, Michel and Associates (PM&A). I am a witness to this company’s unbound knowledge, kindness, and recommendations to help my practices further succeed.

One area of expertise they came in with was helping us through a Medicare documentation audit. During the audit process, there was much paperwork and copying of records required, and Petty, Michel and Associates was right there through the process, conducting a thorough documentation review, sending a Report of Findings and follow-up reports, and providing recommendations to improve our documentation. They also helped us sort through and organize all the required documents Medicare was looking for in their review process.

When we were in the seedling stages of purchasing a practice in Watertown, PM&A walked us through the purchase process which resulted in a successful addition of that practice.

Lisa Barnett and Dave Michel support our profession relentlessly, and genuinely care about doctors and their businesses. They definitely are the “non-seminar” people who will visit your office, assess your business needs, offer their expertise recommendations, and help your practice build and maintain success.

I give PM&A two thumbs up and recommend them for your practice needs.

Dr. Jerry Tyjeski
Tyjeski Family Chiropractic

“We cannot thank PM&A enough for their undeniable expertise.”

We cannot thank PM&A enough for their undeniable expertise. When we were in need of their services, we contacted them on a weekend and got an immediate response back from Dave. They were there to assure us from the beginning that everything would be okay. When Lisa arrived to help us sort through the many tasks needed to complete our project, she provided peace and understanding. The support and knowledge was superior but greater than that, the calmness and understanding and insight was invaluable.

The information we learned during that project and what Dave and Lisa taught us, we use on a daily basis that makes our life so much more secure and enjoyable. There are not enough words in our vocabulary to say thank you for all you did for us as well as for all you continue to do.

“Beyond Grateful”

Drs. Kevin Jackson and Selina Sigafoose-Jackson

“PMA Proved to be a Huge Value and I am Thrilled…”

I was thrilled that PMA was offering an opportunity to look over Medicare documentation and procedures. Lisa was incredibly helpful and created huge value and peace of mind when she came face to face to my clinic and looked over everything. There are core competencies when it comes to dealing with Medicare and Petty Michel and Associates knows the process and what Medicare will be looking for if you get a notes request or an audit request.

PMA proved to be a huge value and I am thrilled they were able to help my clinic become compliant, which makes seeing Medicare and Medicaid patients more enjoyable and less worrisome. I give PMA two thumbs up.

Matt Kingston D.C.
Madison Chiropractic Solutions