Practice Development Assessment

Over 35 years of working with chiropractors has lead to this amazing assessment. It allows you to peer into the deep workings of your practice and yourself to reveal what things are working and what barriers there are that is preventing your growth.

Chiropractic Marketing Manager System
There’s never been a marketing system like this for the Chiropractic profession. Even with all the seminars, books, manuals, tapes and talks, this system was missing. Yet no one knew it was missing. No one talked about it. Not as a total system. This is a chiropractic computer program that loads on to your computer for you and your staff to use to grow your practice.

Chiropractic Practice Playbook
Your very own Chiropractic Practice Playbook.

Chiropractic Patient Financial Consultation
How many of your patients drop out because they have concerns about the cost of their care? Properly done financial consultations fix this.

Marketing Manager System Binders
Actually, these came first.  The Marketing Manager System Binders. We had been collecting all of the information we had been working on with doctors over the years and had put them in binders. Clients wanted copies of these, so we started selling them.

List of topics covered in the Marketing Manager System: List

Marketing Manager System Modules
The Marketing Manager System (sm)  is composed of many different sections focusing on different aspects of practice marketing. Doctors have requested ordering just one ore two sections from the Marketing Manager System (sm) , rather than the entire package.

As a result, we have recently made available three of these components, and you may purchase them on a Windows CD format. More modules will be available soon.

Welcome To Wellness
The Ultimate Chiropractic Patient Education & Orientation lecture
Over twenty years of research and preparation has resulted in the finest Spinal Care Class available anywhere!  Get started today and create the
practice of your dreams – one educated patient at a time!