Practice Development Assessment for Chiropractors


This assessment was was born out of 35 years working in chiropractic offices around the country like yours. This assessment will allow you to peer into your practice at a deeper level, and it will expose procedures that are costing you patients and also processes that you and your team are excelling at. This assessment covers all areas of your practice to uncover the hidden barriers. We will also analyze your practice in its current state by reviewing your recent statistics in order to provide the highest quality report for you.

The cost of this assessment $250 and is available for immediate download.





The Process:

unnamed (1) The Chiropractic Practice Development Assessment to be completed and submitted to our office according to the instructions.

unnamed Complete the included statistics form for your office and include that with your Practice Development Assessment when you return it to us.

unnamed (2)  Our team will grade and assess what you have sent us, and they will create a customized report and recommendations for you that will be mailed to your office.

unnamed (3) You will receive a 30 minute phone call with one of our consultants to review our findings with you.

unnamed (4) A more efficient office seeing the number of patients that you want too!

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