Dana Pittner


Ms. Dana Pittner

We are pleased to have Dana Pittner as a member of our consulting team. Dana began working with PM&A in 2008, as the Director of Client Services, from the Sheboygan office.  She is a no fear “On Fire” CA who doesn’t just talk the talk.  Prior to joining PM&A, Dana served a variety of positions including Front Desk CA, Floor CA and Office Manager for a high-volume family and pediatric chiropractic office.  She is now taking her experience with CA training and Chiropractic Coaching to a higher level.

She spends her days working with chiropractic offices by helping get the results they want. As the mom of three chiropractic kids, an experienced FDCA, and a self-professed “chiroholic” wellness advocate, Dana will give you every basic ingredient necessary to be a dynamic, practice building CA and on purpose practice from the inside out. Her greatest love is to teach DCs and CAs that having a passion and purpose to be on fire with chiropractic will only bring your office a more successful and peaceful atmosphere for everyone- everyday.

We are excited about the skills, experience and passion she brings to our company the offices with which she will be working.  We encourage you to give her a call, or email her if you are interested in improving your practice.  For an easy and fast response, her contact information is below.


Email: Dana@pmaworks.com

Call:  920-946-7424 (mobile)

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