Interview with Dr. Michael Saatkamp

Dr. Mike Saatkamp talks about his experience with Petty, Michel & Associates.

Hello Chiropractors

I’m Dr. Mike Saatkamp from Sheboygan, WI.

Right now I’m in  twenty sixth year in Wisconsin and for most of that time I’ve worked with a company in Milwaukee called Petty, Michel and Associates.  The two primary partners in that company, Ed Petty and Dave Michel, have worked with me to help me build my practice for most of that time.  We started with a small practice in Milwaukee , my wife and I, and that quickly grew with David and Ed’s help to a really large office with 400- 500 patient visits a week.

After that I decided I wanted to do multiple practice business and David and Ed helped out with that and did all the management and marketing and  all that wasn’t doctor.  We grew that company until we had clinics all over the state.

From Milwaukee up to Green Bay.  Now the climate in chiropractic is a little bit different than what it was but the basic are still the same.  We still have to promote people into our offices, we have to create new patients for ourselves and one of the most important things that I learned early in my career is that there aren’t any chiropractic patients, we have to create them.  We have a huge job in educating the public about what chiropractic is and what we can be doing for folks.

For most of the 26 years of my career, Ed Petty and David Michel  have been there to support me and making sure that happens.

Ed Petty in particular is an expert in the marketing of chiropractic offices. He has been a good coach and a good friend for many years.  David Michel has tremendous expertise in the world of insurance and legal aspects of practice and the combination of these two guys has been a tremendous benefit for me .

Not just a little benefit. A Big benefit.

I can’t recommend them to you highly enough.

If you have any questions about working with Petty, Michel and Associates, you can call me personally.  I’m at 920-459-8475.  I will give you the straight story.  So feel free to give me a call.

I recommend  Ed Petty and Dave Michel, Michel and Associates. So give them a call.

They will help you through these tough times in practice because tough times pass, chiropractic will survive and so will your practice.

Hang in there!

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